Fiction Writing Tips On Editing A Rough Draft Manuscript For Revisions

By Patty Schuyler

Coming to the end of a rough draft is an exhilarating process. Knowing that you can do it, that you have done it, that you have created a complete novel is something that does not get old, even after completing many novels. No matter how good you get at the writing process, every rough draft will need to be edited. If you have mastered the basics such as good grammar, formatting and punctuation, some of the editing steps will go faster than the others.

We can compare editing to the process of cleaving, cutting and polishing a rough diamond. Diamonds take a long time to form, and when they are mined from the earth, they are rough yet beautiful. Each stage in the process is important and important for getting the most potential out of the tough gem.

Cleaving is the part of editing that can be started just after you have typed the end. This is where you step back and take a look at the large picture. This is what is called macro editing. Do you feel satisfied with your ending at that very moment? Are there scenes that you will need to insert to make more sense out of your ending? Do you have a character that you need to develop more or one that you need to get rid of all together?

I would hold off on making any of those changes right away. The diamond cleaver turns the rough gem in his hand and makes observations, sets the diamond in cement and walks away from it to let it cool. Write your observations and a to do list down in notes, backup your draft one last time and put it away for at least thirty days.

During that waiting period, relax and celebrate, but also start working on a new project. Work on rough notes and an outline for a new book or if you do not have an idea for a new story, find writing prompts and exercises that will challenge you and possibly give you some ideas. A week before you start editing, spend some time reading advice from others on the editing process.

When you come back to the manuscript read it all the way through. You will have a fresh perspective on it, and you can start working on those notes that you made earlier with confidence and precision. Tweak your ending, adjust your beginning, remove those characters or scenes that don't further the plot and add the small foreshadowing details that add depth to the story and give more meaning to the ending. When you are done, put the manuscript away again. For a day, a week or longer if you need to and come back to it, ready to do the micro editing. - 30222

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How First Time Authors Get Book Publishing Deals

By Jessica Murphy

So you have been up at all hours of the night trying to finish your first book or masterpiece. A sigh of relief comes out of your mouth when you finally sign, "The End" of your book. "So what's next you're thinking?" Well, you are one of many first time authors, but you feel as if you have the next Bestseller on your hands, so you immediately call major book publishers.

After around three months of not getting a reply or a returned phone call from a major publisher, you start to wonder if they have even received your book. I can answer that for you. They have received it, but they won't read it. It's probably in the trash can now. The reason why is that major book publishers get bombarded everyday from first time authors that claim their book should be on the shelves. A lot of times book publishers don't even take a look at your book unless it has been introduced through a book agent of if you're publicly known.

"Yes, that's it. I need a book agent! They have connections and will know what I need to do, right?" Wrong...well kind of. A great agent will assist you in putting together a proposal targeted to editors that deal with your genre. The truth is, even if you're able to get a great agent and they are able to get your book in front of a book publisher, chances are very slim the book will end up on bookshelves.

However, there is good news. "Self-publishing, right?" Wrong. I have yet to meet a self published author that isn't drained. They appreciated the experience, but it is very hard work. Most of them still don't have their book in stores.

So here's the good news. There are small publishing companies that accept books from first time authors. They even accept unsolicited manuscripts. And the best things about it, they are better than major book publishing companies. - 30222

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Drive Traffic To Your Site With An Article Marketing Campaign

By Gerald McConway

When you have a website, you have to be able to drive traffic to it in order to be successful. You can have the best looking site on the net, but if people dont know about it, it is just one of the millions of sites that are taking up space on the web. If you are not showing up on page one of Google, people are probably not even aware that you exist. To get there, you are going to need to create backlinks to your site.

For those of you that do not know how Google operates, here is a crash course. Google has programming that is constantly searching the web for new links. When those links are created, Google will then index them and if they are connected to another site, that site goes up in ranking. When you have more links pointing to your site, your ranking goes up.

Now that is a very basic explanation as the ins and outs of it are much more complicated, but you get the idea of how it works. Now you have to ask yourself, how many links do I have pointing at my site? If you don't have any or have very few, it is time to get to work generating those links or you are going to be lost in the cyber world.

If you want to see your website start to fly up the Google ladder, you should start a very aggressive article writing campaign as soon as possible. While you can use many different types of software to submit your articles to various directories, there is nothing more effective than the UAW submission services. No other article submission service comes close to the results that can be achieved with UAW.

Now if you want to make full use of this type of programming, you are going to have to know how to write the article the right way. For most people, this is either something that they are not accustomed to or will take them significant time. If these articles are not written correctly, they will show up making little sense once they hit the Internet.

Instead of wasting your very valuable time, your best bet is to hire a UAW Article Writing Service that specializes in this type of writing. A simple Google search for UAW Article Writing Service will show you how effective a good article writing campaign can be. When you see how page one can be dominated, you will realize that there is no better way to get traffic to your website

There is no reason for you to sit back and let someone else make all the money. You may think that there is some huge corporate machine out there that has enabled these companies to get to the top of Google, but that is simply not true. Driving traffic to your site is all about getting on page one of Google. Without that ranking, you are just another website. - 30222

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Amazing Strategies To Start Selling eBooks On eBay

By Ronald W. Firquain

I hate it when I read the forums and I hear talk about that you can no longer selling ebooks on eBay anymore. This is easy for fiction books, which already have their own markets. And are a powerful and dynamite medium with the ability to expand your e-business. Is free to make and distribute.

Its frustrating when I reading in affiliate marketing forums and I hear people make the comment that you can no longer sell digital products such as ebooks on eBay anymore. All you need to know is what ebooks you want to sell, how you are going to get those ebooks, what the structure of your publishing outfit is, and what your payment and shipment scheme is. Electronic books are virtual electronic books that are displayed on a computer or handheld viewing device.

The ban on selling digital items on eBay has caused a lot of sellers to abandon the idea of selling ebooks. Not only should you have a great editorial and layout team, you should also have a great marketing team. Excellent way to enter the Internet business marketplace Home Submit a press release Sign up now.

Unable to figure out how to make a profit, many ebook sellers give up quickly or never try selling on Ebay in the first place. Would it be nice to unwind with a good book? There more easily updated and upgraded. And are slowly becoming the new medium for delivering content.

This actually makes selling ebooks on eBay better, because a classified ad listing stands out from the pack. You will need to assemble an acquisitions team, which will take care of submissions, edit the good ones, and prepare them for printing. Electronic books are a great way to bring additional traffic to your website. Passive viral marketing profits selling is delivered in adobe pdf format and is viewable on any computer.

You can make a lot of money selling digital products on eBay if you do it the right way. Sadly, being able to read and enjoy good books is fast becoming a precious commodity. Are the easiest and fastest way to get started online Because People always want information. The start up cost of ebooks is much less than physical products.

eBooks are big business these days. Would it be great to curl up before your fire on a snowy winter morning, with only a good book to keep you company? Can be broken down into several different promotional materials by excepting some of the articles and using them to promote your product. The correct answer to the question what to sell.

Book about cooking, and cleaning, child rearing, golf, cars and anything else you can think of. That solve problems sell best because people generally are lazy and want their problems solved for them. - 30222

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Unleash Your Screenwriting Talent

By Mike Fenward

Every movie ever made, from the Academy Award winners to the box office flops, can trace their origins back to one thing: an idea. Be they inspired by books or constructed in dreams, ideas form the basis of movies, books, television shows, etc. All it takes is someone saying, "I have an idea that would make a great movie!" If you've ever had this thought, you're obviously going to want to know to write a screenplay if you want to make it a reality. There are some simple steps you can follow to set yourself on the path of the screenwriter.

Right out of the gate, you're going to want to get Final Draft. This is a computer program designed to create screenplays and it's absolutely essential to writing a good script. Not only does it format your screenplay properly and keep track of things like characters and locations, but it also removes a lot of the guesswork that goes into writing a screenplay by hand. You can do this with any word processor, but Final Draft is considered the industry standard. It's expensive, yes, but you're going to need it if you want to get serious about screenwriting properly. Pick it up as soon as you can and spend a lot of time with it. It will become your best friend.

With that out of the way, it's time to start your treatment. This is a document, typically up to six pages but they can be longer, that details your entire film from beginning to end. You will explore the entirety of your story here, from plot twists to character deaths and so on. This will also detail the length of your script and tell you if you're writing a feature film or a short. You're going to use this as your foundation, so keep it basic and don't go overboard. You don't want to add much in the way of dialogue or special effects. Keep it simple.

When you're done and comfortable with your treatment, it's time to begin the real writing process. Stick with your treatment as best you can to avoid getting lost in the story. Don't get excited and start adding "cool" or "exciting" elements where they don't really belong. Keep your dialogue grounded as best you can. You can accomplish this by acting out the scenes in your head and saying the lines as you would say them. Try to keep it from feeling too artificial. Also, keep in mind that the more you add, the more money it'll take to create the screenplay. The budget it something a producer is going to take into consideration, so try and keep it as low as possible. You can accomplish this by avoiding length action or stunt sequences, keeping the locations and characters to a minimum, and cutting out any unnecessary scenes. You also want to make sure you get your screenplay registered with the Writer's Guild of America. This will ensure your work is protected, so make sure you include the WGA number on your cover page.

Now that you're done, read through your script from cover to cover and make sure you're happy with it. Make any changes you need to and get ready to send it to producers. Producers are responsible for getting your movie made, so they're the ones you want to deal with directly. More often than not, producers are going to be working with independent productions. If you did well enough, they might want to pick you up. If they do pick up your script, work with them to get your project completed. Make any necessary rewrites and be prepared to make changes. That being said, don't compromise your vision for the producer's. Stay on top of your script but don't become obsessed with it. If it's not selling, it's time to rewrite it or scrap it for something new.

Stay with it and you'll have a box office smash in no time. - 30222

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Earn Money Through Freelancing

By John Goldman

Who doesn't want to work out from the convenient atmosphere of their apartment, run one's own concern and derive tons simultaneously? An attractive idea, of online freelance work helps to increase your scope and indulge in interesting jobs, which you always earned for.

Through online freelance jobs, you can work from home, in ring writing and editing jobs, take charge of the act regarding medical and officially permitted transcription jobs, web designing and other additional projects.

One can also take part in freelance projects an add new listings daily. In this way you are free and independent of searching new opportunities for your business and expand your gains too..

No bias and providing opportunities:

Whether you are a true blue experienced person, or a nave individual just getting your hands on the online business, every one has an equally unique opportunity to work from home and earn maximum benefits at the same time.

This freelance zone is full of many aspects as those quoted above, and also others residing of data entry, programming and technical projects, email support work, administration jobs, illustration jobs, graphic designing, authorized and medical transcription jobs.

Those who want to make their career in this online freelance sector then there are equal and huge opportunities for everybody. You can also hunt for lot of opportunities on the net and take charge of one such job through which you earn maximum money.

You can find as well as apply the secrets of a six month earning, while working from house simultaneously. One can easily leave their boring job and put himself in some real time work, through which he will not only earn more money but also enjoy the comfort of the home.

Earn money working for yourself through a convenient, interesting and relaxing job. There are so many online freelance jobs in today's world that it makes it all the more easier for you select from all of them, to choose the sired online freelance job, which makes life definitely easier for you.

Growing approval of Online Freelance Jobs

You do not need to have an official infrastructure; neither do you need to wage an office employees. All that you get is just for you to enjoy, which is settling down as a niche and is fast catching up with the persons and generation of today.

Freelance work is not a trick of today, it has been a common norm since medieval times when soldiers were describe his way, as they would sell their practised skill and techniques to the people who were willing to pay them the appropriate market rate. This is one common job, which appeals to people coming from all range of occupations and also to those who are generally constrained by their respective corporate cultures.

This idea of online freelance jobs is In fact a basic idea, which still remains fixed even after five hundred years, and has gained dizzying levels of approval. - 30222

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Is UAW Article Writing the Best Way to Promote Your Website

By Gerald McConway

The first thing you seem to hear out of people's mouths these days is that they are going to beat the economy by opening their own internet business. They pick a popular niche thinking that they can make a million bucks and don't realize that they are in competition with millions of other sites. What they need to do is consider using a UAW article writing service to help them zoom to the top of the Google rankings.

What most people don't understand about article marketing is that Google only indexes one piece of content. What this means is that if you have the same article being published time and again, Google will more than likely only index it one time. You can publish the same article with the same resource box as much as you want, but it will do very little to help your ranking.

This is where the myth of some of these other article submission programs is shattered. They tout how they can have your article published on thousands of sites, but they neglect to tell you that since it is the very same content on each and every one of these sites, it will probably only get picked up one time.

The other alternative is to do a "spinning service" for your articles. This is where you put similar words in place for keywords and the software will substitute these words in an attempt to create a separate article. The problem here is that it can put a word in that is a chosen synonym, but it may not work in a specific context. Now you have gibberish being published under your name.

There is no arguing the fact that article marketing works, but there has to be a better way of getting unique content other than spending the money to have thousands of unique articles written for you and then submitting them to directories. The answer is UAW or Unique Article Wizard Article Writing. This will allow you to literally have thousands of articles generated off of just three original articles.

While we cannot divulge the secrets of the programming here, we can tell you that it is a very specialized style of writing and there are but a few freelance writing sites available that can deliver quality content that will work in this programming. If you hire someone that does not know what they are doing, the articles you end up with could be worse than the spun ones. A quick way to find the best is the companies that you will find on the first page of Google when you do a search for "UAW Article Writing." More than likely, they are using UAW writing to promote this service and if they are on page one, you know that their writing works.

The bottom line is that you have to get links for Google to index your website if you are going to be successful. If you don?t, the money and effort that you spend with our webmaster will be a complete waste. Take that beautiful site and get it noticed by using UAW article writing. The service will pay you off in no time at all. - 30222

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